Bad Boys
Whatcha gonna do?
Director(s) Michael Bay
Writer(s) Screenplay:
Michael Barrie
Jim Mulholland
Doug Richardson
George Gallo
Cast Will Smith
Martin Lawrence
Tea Leoni
Joe Pantoliano
Release date April 7, 1995
Rating R
Length $19 million
Genre action/comedy

Bad Boys (1995) is an American action/comedy film starring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. Produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, and directed by Michael Bay, it was completed on a budget of only $19 million and spawned a 2003 film sequel, Bad Boys II. Bad Boys was released on April 7, 1995, and a predictably named second sequel is currently in the works.


Miami PD partners Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lowrey (Will Smith), have 72 hours to find drugs that were stolen from their station. When the investigation turns deadly, they must convince the sole witness to a murder, Julie Mott (Tea Leoni), to help them.

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  • Michael Bay makes his directorial debut in this film, which would ignite his career as a major Hollywood player.
  • Mike Lowrey was originally supposed to be played by Arsenio Hall
  • In the opening car-jacking sequence, the crew is reflected in the door of the Porsche as it is opened.
  • When the Mike throws the ether out of the car and makes it explode, a cable can be seen attached to the roof.
  • This film is considered a phenomenal financial success, grossing over $141 million on a paltry (by Hollywood standards) budget of only $19 million.
  • Bad Boys was nominated for a Grammy for best on-screen duo.



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