Burnett and Lowrey

The full-depth synopsis of Bad Boys II. 
Plot follows the loose-cannon Miami detective pair assign to crack down a drug operation on ecstasey led by a savage Cuban drug kingpin.


The film tackles about the ecstasy shipment, where it is delivered through caskets, buried under the caskets. Johnny Tapia, a Cuban criminal kingpin, is the leader of the ecstasy smuggle. In police quality, they are on an operation to stop the ecstasy smuggle and drugs were going down since the September 11, 2001 attacks and that the shipment is due on that day.

Ku Klux Klan Swamp MeetEdit

A team of police are in the swamp watching the Ku Klux Klan men torching the cross. As they scream the signature "white power", there's a sweep surprise -- two members remove their hoods and they are Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett , both whom draw their weapons on the members. They signal the team while comically singing a note of "Bad Boys". However, their commands are only getting static. Floyd Poteet, a member of the Ku Klux Klan meeting, tries to attack but Marcus tips him over. A member then draws his gun on Marcus and Mike points on him. The member threatens Marcus while Mike jokes on the member and threatens to kill him if he doesn't give him information nor let Marcus go, while he also goes on to threaten the others. Marcus is frightened when Mike unintentionally escalates the situation even more. A KKK member reaches for a shotgun and draws on Mike -- Marcus yells "gun" and Mike quickly turns around and shoots him dead. Mike then turns to shoot Marcus' attempted captor in the head. The gunshots signals the team to move in.

The shootout begins -- Mike swiftly goes on 'kill mode', slaughtering any Ku Klux Klan member in sight and creating an explosion forcing some into the air into the swamp while Mike shoots at occasion moments. On the moment, Mike sees a KKK attempting to shoot Marcus from behind. Mike dives into action and shoots two bullets - one shattering glasses in sight - the other grazes Marcus' anus, severely wounding him, and into the neck of the KKK. Another comes out of sight and tries to finish Mike off but not before a sniper shoots him. The team finally arrives and arrests the remaining members. An angry Marcus chastises Mike for shooting him, which Mike didn't know at point. Also, the operation is unsuccessful, there are two bags of ecstasey pills and no other piece of evidence is found. Mike then escorts Marcus out of the swamp.

Johnny TapiaEdit

Johnny Tapia is having a meeting with his men consisting of his second-in-command and primary associate Carlos and his cousin/assistant Roberto. Receiving a phone call, Johnny discovers that he was almost busted thanks to the Ku Klux Klan bust. But he finds amazement, since the coffins were undetected and makes sure that it doesn't happen.

Helicopter EscortEdit

On a police helicopter, Marcus is still chastising Mike. Mike admits that he might've shot him but states that he wouldn't see nothing if he hadn't make a move and tells him why is he angered about it. Marcus denies being angry. Then, he have a little flashback -- Marcus is in therapy with a female therapist stating how he expresses his anger. Marcus still denies his anger but states that she is annoying him. She asks him to repeat a phrase and Marcus rebukes her saying "he doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about", causing her to say "yes he do know what the fuck he's talking about". Back to present, Mike also states he went to therapy after an incident -- another flashback, where Mike is getting a blowjob from an attractive female therapist with the phrase "woosa". Marcus states that he was in a group therapy where he was forced into hugging and kissing fellow members and Mike states its some "cult shit".

Nightclub SceneEdit

Through visual effects, the helicopter in mid-air shifts in ceiling vents and ducts into exotic women dancing and into Alexei, the owner of the nightclub who is counting money. Through the nightclub, attendees are buying tacs of ecstasey and sexually carrassing each other. Alexei gets in a phone conversation with Johnny Tapia and fulfilling the shipments of ecstasey. He sees a man overdosing in ecstasy, and instead of seeking medical help for the man, he orders his men to get him out of the club and throw him in the streets for him to die.

Burnett ResidenceEdit

At the Burnett residence, Marcus is relaxing in the pool. His daughter Megan is talking with Marcus' younger sister Syd. Theresa comes and says that Marcus is enraged because of his wound and "other things". At the door, Marcus answers and it's Mike -- holding a "donut" where he claims he bought it from a store. Marcus says he has an oppifiny and in mid-sentence, Mike spots Syd in the house and walks straight in. Mike goes to hug her and Syd finds that Mike hadn't told Marcus about his trip in New York -- which a hint of their relationship. In the house, Marcus is revealed that he hadn't told Mike that he is about to be transferred into another division without partnership from Mike during a chat with Theresa in the mansion.

It's barbecue time; the Burnetts and Mike are eating. Syd reveals a hint of Mike in New York last night, which Marcus not being informed about the trip. Mike slightly agrees on showing Syd around Miami and into a pool, which Marcus says that they already have a pool where the family dog is in rushing for a floating basketball. Megan asks if the pool retails had good pools around the time where the pool was bought and Marcus says the pool cost $3,900 and she asks again how much the other pools cost. Syd then leaves. Marcus then asks Mike for a little chat in front of the pool. Marcus goes on to calmly chastise him for disrupting his quality time with his family, especially for him. Mike then adds if he's taking medication and reminds of what he had done, which Marcus then forgets. He throws a ball for the dog Mason. However, while Mason runs for it, what Marcus doesn't realize is that the dog is chained to the pool's system. The system collapses and so does the entire pool, flooding Marcus into a nearby river, much to Mike's amusement. Mike gets a call from one of his contacts, Icepick, that Haitians are about to do a street job and the two must depart to the operation.

The MissionEdit

On the streets, in a tile truck, a group of Drug Enforcement Agency agents are operating the wiretaps and video-cameras on an agent, who is in a nearby truck coming into a warehouse. Alexei and his associate/middleman Josef Kuninskavich are waiting and the truck opens, revealing Syd as the informant and she is praised for her deal with Alexei's Russian crew in New York. Josef gives her a stack of money and she runs it of how much it is on the machine. The machine reveals that the money is $4,900 and Josef complains that he gave her $5,000, which she threatens him of finding another dealer. She is taken to an office where most of the drug money is completed in how much it is in mathematics and the creation and delivery of the ecstasey pills. Alexei minorly flirts with Syd and asks how many did she deal with at the Big Apple. The money count continues and with the drug money being shipped, the deal goes well. The money are wrapped in plastic, given to Josef to count and put it in, Syd explains to Alexei the amount he will receive for the deal as the rest of the money will go to the Cubans in percentage. Josef complains to Alexei of how much she is given away to the Cuban dealers and calls in. The money laundering is complete and the next task is the money drop. A Haitian is watching the truck driven to the money drop and alerts another Haitian, who is talking to a blonde-dreaded Haitian man via phone. Blonde Dreads tells him to not lose the truck. Blonde Dreads and his crew of Haitians are signal to tail the truck. Also, Mike and Marcus are spotting the Haitians thanks to Icepick's information. Now the money drop begins, the briefcases are put into a black truck with Syd and an associate being driver-and-passenger of the truck. At a construction site, Carlos and a Cuban associate are awaiting the money drop from binoculars to a parking lot building. The Haitians goes up to the parking lot site and Mike and Marcus arrives of tailing the Haitians. DEA continues to watch the drop at the parking lot site. Roberto, Tapia's cousin and assistant, is waiting for Syd to drop the money for him. A Haitian vehicle consisting of three follows the truck and Falcon-One, the codename for a DEA agent watching the drop from out of sight, advises about the Haitians. This worries the agents and the Cubans. The Haitians exit their vehicle and are now armed with weapons. Falcon-One advises again and informs that there are approaching the truck. The lead Haitian approaches the driver's seat and shoots the driver in the ear, badly wounding him. The Haitians throws him out of the truck and Syd shoots the Haitian dead.

The chase and shootout begins -- the two remaining Haitians hangs onto the truck and tries to retrieve the money and kill Syd. Syd drives the truck, ramming the second Haitian of the vehicle. This eventually warns onto the DEA agents and the Cubans. The remaining Haitian manages to hang onto the truck and another Haitian vehicle fires on the truck. Syd kicks open the door, crushing the Haitian into a sidewall and also flying him off the building into his death. The crashing of his body into a lot base eventually warns the duo and upon the truck driving out of the site with the Haitians on tail, the two finds out the driver is Syd. They get into the car and drive off, chasing the Haitians. Marcus calls for back-up. The two drives nearby one of the Haitian vehicles. Marcus shows off his badge, forcefully ordering them to surrender, but Mike reprimands him for using his badge in a dangerous situation and tells him to shoot, which he complies. The Haitian car that Marcus shoots at subsequently crashes into another vehicle. Blonde Dreads sees the duo and shoots at them. Mike stops his car for a moment to carry out his sacred H&K UMP45 and drives back on the street. Syd crashes into a traffic stop, causing many crashes and the Haitians evacuate their cars to shoot at the cops. Mike swerves the car and stylistically rampages with gunfire onto the Haitians, slaughtering one in the process. The two safely exit and a street shootout occurs. The two duck for cover and exchanges that "this shit is crazy". The Haitians savagely opens fire at every vehicle or person in sight. Syd is in danger when one Haitian crawls onto the truck and opens fire. He tries to get in but not before Syd carries out a Serbu Super Shorty and riddles one into him. She finally drives off and Haitians are in hot pursuit, stealing a truck containing retailed cars. Mike and Marcus drives into the freeway where Syd and the Haitians are. The duo swifts through each car in front and one Haitian shoots out Mike's headlights, angering him. Marcus hangs out and shoots at the Haitians. Getting back in, the gun accidentally goes off and riddles bullets into Mike's car, angering him severely. A Haitian shoots at a cop car and into the chains, releasing one retailed vehicle and causing the cop car to crash. They continue releasing the retailed cars and it causes severe crashes.