Eddie Dominguez
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Played by Emmanuel Xuereb
Movies Bad Boys

Edward "Eddie" Dominguez was a former corrupt cop and a henchman, working for drug kingpin Fouchet.

Early LifeEdit

Little is known about his early life. When Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett access his file, it is revealed that Dominguez was born in Florida. At some point, Dominguez became a cop after joining the Miami police force and rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a promising detective. However, at some point, Dominguez became a notorious drug addict and a crooked cop. He was eventually forced to quit the force due to his corruption.

At some point, Dominguez met French drug kingpin Fouchet and would become a member of his crew. Together they would plan to rob the Miami police headquarters of it's stashed heroin, using the reluctant help of one of Eddie's former girlfriends who happens to work as a secretary in the headquarters.

Events of Bad BoysEdit

Miami Heroin Operation Edit

Fouchet, Ferguson, Casper, Kuni, Noah Trafficante and Eddie lead the operation of robbing stashed heroin from the Miami police headquarters. On the way, the whole crew witness Fouchet fatally shoot a member out of the truck as a distraction point for police since the member was a decoy. In the headquarters, Fouchet and his crew successfully seized the heroin. Eddie, however, secretly stole some of the heroin in order to feed on his drug addiction.


Eager to celebrate their successful job and not wanting to wait for their upcoming deal, Eddie hired Julie Mott and Maxine Logan as escorts to his apartment of which he is highly proud as it once belonged to Al Capone. After Julie, who herself is repulsed by Eddie, excuses herself to the bathroom, Ferguson, Casper, Noah, and Fouchet enter the apartment where they meet with Maxine. Fouchet and the crew are skeptical about Dominguez bringing "outsiders".

While politely comforting her, Fouchet takes a pillow and shoots Maxine to death. He then shoots Dominguez in the knee and chastises him for not waiting for their upcoming deal and for not realizing that "hookers talk" which Eddie should have known as he was a cop for so long. A wounded Eddie then tells Fouchet that thanks to him betraying his "family", they successfully robbed the police force. Not wanting to waste another bullet, Fouchet gives Casper and Ferguson permission to kill Dominguez.

Casper and Ferguson confront Eddie and Casper mockingly tells him that he pissed off Fouchet while Ferguson streches his shoulders in a sign of "nothing personal". Despite his pleas for mercy, Ferguson shoots Eddie twice in the chest, killing him.