Josef Kuninskavich
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Played by Oleg Taktarov
Movies Bad Boys II
Josef Kuninskavich is a Russian mobster and minor character in Bad Boys II.

Kuninskavich only appears accompanying Alexei to Johnny Tapia's mansion for a drugs deal.

Biography Edit

Kuninskavich arrives to drug lord Johnny Tapia's mansion along with Alexei on behalf of the Russian mafia. As Alexei and Tapia greet each other, Tapia has his henchman, Carlos, escort Kuninskavich away from the two.

Later, as Alexei starts to argue with Tapia, it is revealed that Kuninskavich has been dismembered and Tapia has Carlos bring in his remains in a bucket, which almost frightens Alexei into the bargain, until Tapia threatens his family.

Some time later, one of Kuninskavich's dismembered fingers is discovered by Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, who bring it back to police headquarters and get Kuninskavich's identity.