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Gender Male
Status Deceased
Played by Ralph Gonzales
Movies Bad Boys

Kuni was one of Fouchet's henchmen and the quintary antagonist of Bad Boys.

Early LifeEdit

Little is known about his early life but it can be assumed that at some point, he met French drug kingpin Fouchet and would become a member of his crew.

Events of Bad BoysEdit

Miami Heroin Operation Edit

Fouchet, Casper, Ferguson, Kuni, Noah Trafficante and Eddie Dominguez lead an operation of robbing stashed heroin from the Miami police headquarters. On the way, Kuni and the rest witnessed Fouchet fatally shoot a member out of the truck as a distraction point for police since the member was a decoy. In the headquarters, Fouchet and his crew successfully seized the heroin.

Search for murder witnessEdit

After the crew find out that Dominguez stole two kilos of the heroin, they head to his apartment and kill Eddie and Maxine Logan, one of the two escorts Dominguez hired. The other escort, Julie Mott, witnesses the whole murder act and barely escapes. Fouchet orders his men to find and kill Julie.


After Julie phones the police and asks to talk with Mike Lowrey, Marcus Burnett pretends as Lowrey over the phone and goes to pick her up from her residence. While there, Mott and Marcus are ambushed by Casper, Ferguson and Kuni and they start a shootout. During the gunfight, Marcus shoots Kuni multiple times in the chest, killing him.


He was the second of Fouchet's crew to be killed.