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All I ever wanted to be was a cop. I get up early and take it to the max every day. I'm the first guy through the door and I'm always the last guy to leave the crime scene.
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— Mike

Michael Eugene "Mike" Lowrey is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Marcus Burnett) of the Bad Boys franchise, serving as the co-protagonist of Bad Boys, one of the two main protagonists (alongside Marcus Burnett) of Bad Boys II and the main protagonist of Bad Boys for Life .

He is a wealthy ladies man and a detective with Miami PD. He is portrayed by Will Smith, who also played Agent J in the Men in Black movies, Oscar in Shark Tale, Genie in the 2019 live action remake of Aladdin and Steven Hiller in Independence Day, Lance Sterling in Spies in Disguise and a fictional version of himself in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


Early Life[]

In 1988, Lowrey graduated from Palmetto High School. By 1989, he was recruited into the police academy in Miami. He was later recruited by Captain Conrad Howard out of the academy to infiltrate the Aretas drug cartel. Being deep undercover, Lowrey had an affair with the wife of the cartel's leader, Isabel Aretas, which led to the birth of their son, Armando Aretas, who Mike would meet later in life. Despite promising to flee with Isabel, Lowrey ultimately had her arrested as well as her husband knowing how dangerous she was. He then became a narcotics cop and had his first partner, Marcus Burnett, who would become his best friend and brother figure.

Bad Boys[]

Attempted Carjack[]

In 1995, Mike Lowrey, along with Marcus Burnett, are first seen in Mike's new 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo. Marcus is eating fries and cheeseburger, to which Mike refrains from eating. Marcus tries to put the coffee in a cup holder but Mike tells him that his car has no cup holder. Marcus complains that with how expensive Mike's car is and it has no cup holders and no rear seats, Mike tells him that it is one of the fastest cars on the planet, a limited series and is more expensive than Marcus thinks. Marcus accidentally spills fries on his floor, angering Mike and he parks his car. He argues with him and orders him to pick up the chips but Marcus tells him he can't put his hand in there, they keep arguing and Mike notices a girl who is crossing the street. Suddenly, two men attempts to hijack their car. During the attempt, Mike tells them they are cops and he and Marcus gets in another argument, to the annoyance of thieves. However, this turns out to be a feign and the two subdue the auto thieves.

The Heroin Operation[]

The next day, Marcus awakens with his wife Theresa and haves breakfast with his children. Mike appears suddenly, saying "Uncle Mike is here", greets his partner, and kisses his daughter and Theresa to her disgust, since who knows what Mike kissed tonight. Quincy asks Mike if he had a date tonight, Mike says yes and begins to tell him what that girl was like, until Theresa tells him that she does not want him to tell his sex stories to her son and not to Marcus, when Mike He says that he also tells them. The phone rings, Theresa answers and passes it to Mike, who says "Here is the amazing Mike". It is their captain Conrad Howard who orders him and Marcus to go to the police station immediately. Mike says "I think what you mean is: "move your ass up here please", captain" but Conrad hangs the phone in his face and the detective says "Maybe not".

Marcus and Mike arrive at the police station and upon entering their partner Francine tells the couple where Howard is. Mike and Marcus meet him and show them that they have stolen $ 100 million worth of heroin seized by the mob from a secure police vault. Mike says the money was there and agrees with Marcus that this is worse than bad. At that moment Alison Sinclair, the captain of the Department of Internal Affairs appears and it is shown that she and Captain Howard do not get along. Marcus suggests that he and Mike leave if they are going to put the personal plan together. But Sinclair says it's not personal, she just does her job and knows that if there was a leak it would turn into a journalistic frenzy but Howard says they will get the drug back in time. Alison says to start looking at the narcotics department because it must have been an inside job. She sets out to find out and leaves, also telling two other detectives, Sanchez and Ruiz, that they are late. Mike and Marcus saw the air intake and understood that someone installed it to avoid toxic fumes. Mike and Marcus start arguing with Sanchez and Ruiz, until Conrad arrives. The captain tells Mike and Marcus that this was their case and it will be again and has Sanchez and Ruiz help them, despite the objections of the four detectives. Ruiz suggests that they could have been the capo's men who seized the heroin, the captain discards it but orders that they investigate him to be sure. Mike, Marcus, Sanchez and Ruiz fight again until Conrad separates them and tells them they have nothing. The captain orders Sancehz and Ruiz to investigate who installed the ventilation system and Mike and Marcus to investigate who stole the drug, to the latter he tells them that they have 3 days before the politicians blame them for the robbery so they have to work harder than ever.

Mike and Marcus amicably interrogate a suspect named Joe, but they get nothing out of him. Mike and Marcus go to a boxing gym, the two discuss if he can help them. Mike approaches to speak with his informant and ex-girlfriend Maxine (Max) Logan, he asks to speak privately and she suggests going to the material room. While there, Mike tells her that he needs help and Max asks what's new. Mike explains what happened at the police station and what can happen if heroin is sold, Max asks him what he needs and Mike asks him to find people who are nouveau riche because that would make them suspicious and to call him if he finds out Of something. Max, flirtatiously, agrees and leaves. Mike sees Marcus hit the punching bag and tells him that since he doesn't have sex with his wife, he has a lot of energy and the two go back to the police station. Mike talks to Francine and she gives them the name and address of the man who installed the air conditioning (this was discovered by Sanchez and Ruiz).

Mike and Marcus go to his mansion but no one opens the door for them so they decide to look through the windows of their door and Mike "accidentally" trips and opens the door. The couple enters and while they ask if there is someone there, Mike and Marcus notice a bad smell so they realize that there is a corpse in the house. The couple find the corpse of the man who installed the ventilation. Mike says what must have happened: he sold the ventilation plans to the criminals, he got rich and they kill him to leave no loose ends. Marcus is not feeling well after finding the corpse and Mike asks him to come over and examine it. His partner tells him that he feels that way because of the smell and the two begin to collect everything that is around the dead man. Mike finds a notebook in which he puts all his debts, he deduces that the technician liked to make bets very much and must have needed the money to pay debts. Mike moves the chair a little and the leg moves scaring Marcus who is under the table where the body is. Marcus tells him to be more careful and Mike apologizes. Marcus says to call homicide and Mike uncovers the knife that killed the body technician. Marcus leaves the living room, feeling ill and Mike suggests that he go for burritos.

Marcus drives his car with Mike as co-driver. Marcus says that it will be impossible to find the drug, Mike says that if they found the drug once they will find it again and tells him that he must have faith. Marcus says that when they find out what has happened everyone in the drug unit will be out of work and that everyone thinks that Mike Lowrey will not have anything because they think he is a rich kid who plays police. Marcus also explains that he needs the job and that he doesn't have an inheritance like everyone else in his department. Mike gets a little annoyed by that comment and replies that he does not play cop, that it is not his fault that his family has left him money and that all his life he has wanted to be a policeman. Mike also says that he gets up every day to get ready, that he is the first to walk through the door and the last to leave the crime scene, and he sends everyone to hell for having problems with him. Marcus tells Mike that he loves him and that he is his colleague, but Mike tells him to leave him and that he drives very slowly, that he is a turtle at the wheel. But Marcus says that he is not a turtle, he is a "bad boy" and at that moment Mike and Marcus begin to sing "bad boys".

Max and his best friend Julie Mott are hired as escorts by Eddie Dominguez, a corrupt ex-cop and part of the coup. The party is soon interrupted by Dominguez's French drug kingpin boss, lord Fouchet, and his henchmen Casper, Ferguson and Noah, who don't want the coup to be jeopardized by outsiders who know nothing about the deal. Therefore, Fouchet shoots Max and Ferguson kills Domínguez. After witnessing the murder, Julie manages to escape through the roof. The madam who hired Julie and Max is disposed of by one of Fouchet's men.

The police cordon off the mansion and when Mike and Marcus arrive, Captain Howard asks them if they recognize Dominguez and says that there are remains of the stolen heroin on the table. Mike observes that there are two lipstick marks on a glass so he deduces that someone must have escaped and still live. Captain Howard tells everyone that their priority is to find that person. Marcus approaches to see who the dead woman is and is horrified to see that it is Maxine, Mike also approaches and when he sees her he is saddened. Marcus tries to console Mike and tells him that they will find the witness and kill those who have done this. Mike leaves and tells Marcus that eight calls were made to Lois Fields, who Max used to work for and to check. Mike prefers to go alone and leaves. Mike arrives at Lois Fields' mansion and calls for backup. He grabs his flashlight and begins to inspect the mansion until a man attacks him and knocks him out of a window.

The next morning, Mike arrives at the police station and when Marcus sees him, he asks why he is not returning his calls and that they are in a situation that he should know. Mike tells Marcus that he has a dead lady, a huge brain bump and his head hurts a lot. Marcus begins to explain everything that happened last night but Mike tells him that she seems like a critical wife and goes to the police station. As they go through the police station, Marcus tries to tell Mike what happened last night but he ignores him. Unbeknownst to Mike, what happened last night was that Julie called the police and said she would only speak to Mike and Howard forces Marcus to impersonate Mike so Julie cooperates. Marcus manages to convince Julie that he is Mike Lowrey and together they escape from Julie's apartment after a shooting during which Marcus manages to kill Raji, one of Fouchet's cronies. The pair arrive at a basketball training ground where they meet Capital Howard. When Conrad sees them, he gets angry and orders them to find the drug, Marcus tells him that his situation with Julie is getting out of control but the captain interprets him with the drug. Mike tells him that he hasn't killed anyone today. Captain Howard says that the witness is his only good news and orders Marcus to continue posing as Mike since Julie trusts him. Mike asks what's going on and when no one answers, he orders them to pay attention to him. Marcus tells them that Julie is in Mike's apartment, Conrad is angry with Marcus for leaving the witness alone and Mike is angry because Marcus has left a stranger in his apartment. Marcus defends himself saying that he had to hide her and his dogs, Mike gets even more angry and sarcastically asks him to bring chimpanzees and have a carnival. The couple keeps fighting until Conrad orders them to stop and tells them that Marcus will still be Mike Lowrey and Mike will be himself but not in front of the witness. Mike asks what the homeless man is but when he sees that Marcus has to be with his family, Mike will stay with Theresa and the children. Marcus does not see Mike capable of taking care of his family but the latter defends himself by saying that he only has to satisfy one woman. Before leaving, Mike grabs a basketball and makes a triple hit, which annoys Conrad a bit.

Marcus tells Theresa that he is going to Cleveland for another drug case, which angers Theresa and asks why Mike, who is also at the house, cannot go. Mike tells Theresa that he wants to go but Captain Howard said he is irresponsible, a "loose cannon" and shoots in public, sometimes without further ado. Marcus asks Mike to leave privacy for Theresa and he and his partner pretend to leave but Mike remains there and hears Theresa saying that he can handle it and that he doesn't need Mike to stay home but Marcus insists that he is worried and that Mike stay to take care of her and the children until he comes back. Theresa doesn't see Mike capable of doing a father's chores and Mike says he read a book that could help them. Marcus tells Mike to go get a Coke and Mike again pretends to leave and asks if they want anything. Marcus asks him to bring him a Coke and Theresa doesn't want anything and Mike is leaving this time.

That night, Mike is telling Marcus' kids how they got the drug that they had stolen from the department with all the violent details.

In the morning, Mike meets with Marcus, who is fed up with Julie and wants his life back. Mike complains that his is more difficult having to live in the "zoo" that Marcus calls home. Marcus starts fighting with Mike but he ignores him until he sees that Marcus is wearing his silk shirt. Marcus begins to foolishly imitate Mike and he tells him that he needs a doctor. Francine appears and hands Mike Juliet's card. Mike tells Marcus to check the file, that he has to call the "relative". Sanchez and Ruiz show up and tease Marcus while Mike calls Theresa and she tells him what to buy and the two start talking about Megan and that Theresa won't wait for Mike up when he gets back at night, then she hangs up. Mike, noticing how nervous Marcus is, plays a prank on him by saying to rent a movie and asking "her" what she's wearing. Marcus takes the phone from Mike and speaks for him but Mike tells him it was a joke. Marcus warns Mike not to joke like that and Mike tells him not to put his clothes on.

Mike and Francine try to hack into Eddie Dominguez's account, but the latter cannot find the password. After three attempts, Francien reminds Mike that this is illegal and he tells her that it has never stopped her. Mike leaves, telling Francine that if he succeeds to let him know.

Mike and Marcus arrive at Mike's apartment to talk to Julie. Mike tells Marcus that he should get access to Dominguez's file but Marcus says it will take a few days and Mike says they don't have days. They fight a bit until they hear Julie. She meets Marcus (Mike), the two introduce themselves. Julie tells him that she recognized him from the photographs Mike (Marcus) has of him. She tells "Marcus" that he must be very good as a partner and also that she and "Mike" are going to a club tonight. "Mike" says that he and "Marcus" will go, which angers Julie and says that she will be alone again with the goalkeeper protecting her. "Marcus" sees that one of the dogs has shit on "Mike's" carpet, she vaguely apologizes and says that she offered "Mike" to pay for the dry cleaning but he refused. "Mike" says that he had thought about throwing the carpet and "Marcus" tells Julie that he is a special guy, because he starts laughing at what happened and says that if it had happened to him he would be angry. "Marcus" later sees another of his dogs, Luke, strolling across the sofa and sits with him. Julie asks "Marcus" if he wants to meet Duckie, his other dog, who is in bed with diarrhea and vomits all morning, "Marcus" smiling says that they are going to see if Duckie is okay and tells "Mike" that They will speak after this. "Marcus" appears after "Mike" has kicked out Yvette, his partner's masseuse. In private, Marcus explains it to him and Mike asks Marcus if he has fired her and tells Marcus that Yvette is a masseur. Julie asks them if another half-naked woman was going to appear on the floor during the night. "Marcus" begins to indirectly berate "Mike" for everything he has done in his apartment. "Mike" declares that he and "Marcus" are going to the club yes or yes tonight.

Tonight, Mike and Marcus arrive at Club Hell and the latter insists on doing everything as the captain told them, without being shot or killed, because he doesn't want to lose his job. Mike reminds him that he was the one who killed the last baddies and tells him to kill them next time after getting the information they need. Marcus remembers that Mike has killed more baddies and Mike says enough, that Noah's parole card says that he is inside the club and that they come in to finish this. The couple walk in and find many half-naked girls, which causes Mike to be distracted. Marcus reminds him of what they have to do at the club and Mike tells him to break up and meet at the bar in 10 minutes. Mike is watching a girl and doesn't realize that Casper is attacking Marcus until they break a club aquarium. After defeating Casper, Marcus reunites with Mike and the latter asks who beat him up this time. Marcus tells him that they know they are there and to go after Noah at once. While searching, Mike sees Julie pointing a gun at the mob boss, he stops her and the three escape from Club Hell in a van that Mike gets by threatening the driver.

"Mike" drives the van to escape while "Marcus" asks Julie why she did that, she defends herself that she would have hit him full if she hadn't stopped him and "Marcus" tells Julie that this is a matter of The police and that he did not have to be there, then he tells "Mike" to drive faster and the latter tells him that it is his fault for choosing a van that also smelled strange. Julie finds flammable material in the trunk. From behind them, Noah chases them and shoots them in a car with an anonymous henchman as the driver. Mike shoots from the open window. Marcus and the henchman narrowly avoid a truck. Marcus enters a closed bridge with Noah chasing them. Mike and Marcus fight among themselves because Mike has chosen a van with explosive ether for the escape and Marcus to enter where he should not. Marcus tells his partner to think of something and Mike, seeing the explosive ether barrels in the truck again, throws some barrels at Noah's car and shoots them just as Marcus goes to the end of the cut bridge. Marcus brakes before crashing and Noah and the henchman's car catches fire from the explosion of some barrels and in the end it explodes, killing Noah and the henchman in the process. The three get out of the van and Marcus complains about having lost his only clue to the drug and Julie corrects them saying that they have lost the only clue to Maxine's killer. Julie tries to leave after a fight with "Mike" but "Marcus" stops her and assures her that for "Mike" the most important thing is to catch Max's killer and admits that sometimes it is difficult for her to express her feelings and convinces her to stay with them because they are a team.

Mike, Marcus and Julie go to a store to get a shampoo for Julie. Marcus insists that the witness take the shampoo and leave. Mike suggests talking to Jojo because there is too much heroin and too much ether for anyone to know anything. Julie asks what he's talking about and Mike and Marcus explain that the drug traffickers were going to use the ether that he exploded to treat heroin. Mike says they do it to cut it and quadruple the value and Marcus agrees with Mike. The three of them go to pay for the shampoo but Mike cannot find the wallet and the clerk, seeing that he has bullets and a gun, takes out a gun and threatens them. He believes that they have come to rob him because he had heard the whole conversation and Mike tries to convince him that they are policemen and tries to show him his badge. The clerk shows him a bunch of plates and Mike and Marcus start arguing with Julie trying to separate them and in the end she leaves and when the clerk points her at her, Mike and Marcus stop the fake fight and draw their guns. Mike asks for a box of gum and Marcus for some gummies. Later they separate: Mike goes to Marcus' house and Marcus and Julie to Mike's apartment.

Mike and Theresa are looking at photos of Marcuss family when he calls. Mike and Theresa have a playful conversation about a photo that Mike has taken from the album and then Theresa takes it from him to put it back, saying that if Marcus finds out he will be angry. Marcus overhears the conversation, misinterprets it, hangs up the phone and arrives home with Julie in Mike's car. Mike calls Sanchez to tell him that he has seen a blue car with two suspicious occupants who may enter an apartment. Mike and Theresa hear a great scandal outside and look out the upstairs window to see who caused it. They do not know that the scandal was caused by Marcus who climbed out of the house until he reached the top window but the balcony where the plants are breaks and Marcus falls into the trash. Marcus and Theresa don't see him and the detective tells him to go get the children. Mike finds Marcus but does not recognize him, he threatens him with his pistol and when he sees him "trying to escape" he pounces on him. The two fight until Mike recognizes Marcus but the latter still attacks Mike for screwing Theresa. Mike tells him he hasn't done that and Marcus throws them into a kiddie pool. When calming down, Mike tells Marcus that this exchange of lives is driving him crazy and that he has not fucked Theresa, who is his partner and colleague for 6 years and would never do that to him. Theresa calls Mike and he sticks Marcus' head into the pool (still full of water) and tells the woman that he's okay. Mike tells Marcus to go away and that where Julie is, he responds that she is handcuffed in his car. Mike asks if he wants to destroy the case and Marcus acknowledges that everything is his fault and apologizes while Mike tells him to leave. Marcus leaves.

The next morning, Mike, Sanchez and Ruiz are questioning a suspect and he tells them he only knows his name: Fouchet. He tells them it was just an errand and guarding the house was his first job. Meanwhile, Captain Howard and Captain Alison Sinclair are arguing in Howard's office about the events of the past few days related to the heroin case. Sinclair leaves Howard's office and warns Howard that he will soon be removed from the case and Conrad protests that she has no authority to remove him from the case and orders him to stay away from him until he has it. Mike sees the discussion and suggests that the two captains should go out together and end their rivalry at once.

Marcus arrives at Jojo's store (he leaves Julie handcuffed in the car) and when he sees him, he runs away and Marcus chases him. Mike catches Jojo and the two interrogate him. They do a good cop-bad cop act and Marcus talks to him asking for the information but Jojo insists he doesn't know anything. Marcus keeps asking for it and Jojo keeps insisting that he's clean. Tired of wasting time, Mike walks into the "interrogation room", grabs Jojo and points a gun at him. Jojo tells them that they are cops and that they should not act like that, Marcus also complains but Mike says that this is his thing and threatens him saying that in his gun there are 15 bullets that he will use against him if he does not speak now and when Marcus complains, Mike also points another gun at him. Marcus pretends to leave and leaves Jojo to her own devices. Scared, Jojo tells Mike that he will tell him everything he wants to know with Marcus yelling on the other side of the wall. He tells Mike that he has the address of the chemist who is cutting the stolen drugs and asks Mike to remove the guns from his face. Mike does it and tells him to bring the address and he goes to find it. Marcus tells Mike that for a moment he thought he was going to shoot him and Mike declares that he was going to do it.

Tonight Mike, Marcus and Julie arrive at the chemist's house and wait until he leaves his house to take them to drugs. The three of them get bored and wait all night. In the morning Marcus wakes up Mike and Julie and tells them that the chemist is out and Mike follows him. He takes them to a freighter in the harbor and after looking through binoculars, Marcus asks their chances and Mike tells him that they have fewer chances than at Club Hell. Marcus tries to call for backup but Mike reminds him that Sinclair has tapped all the police station's phones and they have to do it. Julie gets out of the car and wants to take a look through the binoculars. Marcus refuses saying that this is not Charlie's angels but Mike says a look won't hurt her and hands him his binoculars. Unbeknownst to the three of them, Fouchet has also seen them through their respective binoculars and orders his men to follow them. At Marcus 'house, Marcus' children see their father and Mike on TV when they see the news of the car that Mike blew up with the ether barrels. They tell their mother and Theresa warns her children that Marcus wishes he were in Cleveland and goes to Mike's apartment.

Mike and Marcus prepare to go after Fouchet as they tell Julie that when they return everything will be over. The doorbell rings and Julie opens. She opens and finds Theresa. Julie asks if she can help her, she answers: Yes, I am here to kill my husband, Marcus Burnett. Julie asks if that is the tall one or the short one. Theresa responds that it is the short one, confirming Julie's suspicions that they have been posing as the other. When Marcus sees Theresa he tries to continue the charade and goes to look for Mike. She says "Marcus, come here", he tries to explain it to the two but Julie leaves and Theresa tells him that they are going to separate just when Mike appears. Theresa leaves and Mike goes after her to stop her while Marcus tries to apologize to Theresa. In the elevator, Mike apologizes but Julie tells him that it doesn't matter and that if Theresa has found them, she's better off alone. The two arrive at the lobby, with Mike asking Julie to stop and talk but she refuses and prepares to leave. Theresa goes out another door with Marcus trying to stop her. Fouchet and his two thugs enter the apartment and open fire on Mike and Marcus. Julie falls to the ground, Mike grabs his gun and shoots them, and Marcus hides Theresa. After a hail of gunfire, the bad dudes kidnaps Julie. Mike tells the manager to call the police. This one does. Mike leaves the hotel and chases them even if they are in a car. Fouchet's car collides with other cars and he gets out and runs with Julie and her two thugs into another hotel while Mike is chasing them. During the chase, they arrive at a beauty salon and when leaving one of Fouchey's henchmen shoots inside, forcing Mike to drop to the ground. The bad dudes rob a taxi but Marcus suddenly appears and jumps onto the roof of the taxi. The man driving crashes into a car to get Marcus off him. Mike arrives just in time and saves Marcus from getting run over. But the bad dudes escape.

Mike and Marcus arrive at the police station and explain what happened to Captain Howard. Conrad complains that they always bring her good news and bad news at the same time. The phone rings and Mike picks it up. Fouchet calls Mike and tells him to keep Julie until he finishes his business, reveals that he has killed the chemist and warns that if they interrupt their deal, he will kill Julie. Mike, furious, drops the phone and enters Conrad's office and tells him and Marcus that Fouchet has killed one of his employees and that if they don't leave him alone, he will kill Julie. Captain Howard tells them that they can't say anything and suddenly Captain Alison Sinclair comes in and reminds Conrad what happened and shows him the authorization to reassign the case and close Mike and Marcus' apartment. As Sinclair leaves, Captain Howard warns Mike and Marcus that they don't care what Sinclair says, they won't back off the case and won't let Fouchet kill Julie. Howard delays the order, giving Mike and Marcus 2 hours and one last chance to rescue Julie and retrieve the drugs. Mike and Marcus turn to a hacker named Fletcher to help them enter the profile of the Domínguez private police database, Mike asks him to hurry but he tells them that it is not so easy and when Marcus gets in with him, Fletcher tells him that for this they put him in jail. Mike calms him down and asks him to continue. He succeeds and they find out that Francine is Domínguez's ex-girlfriend. Mike turns to Francine. Privately, she explains to Mike and Marcus that Eddie and Fouchet took nude photos of her on New Year's Eve and blackmailed her by hanging them on the bulletin board at her daughter's school if she didn't give them drug information. She tells them that I never talk about them and Julie. Mike tells her that if they don't find them, they will kill Julie and asks her how to contact them. Francine tells him using a cell phone and promises to reward Mike when all this is over and he and Marcus get going. Mike calls the drug dealers and when one of them answers, the police can track them down no matter where they go. Now that they know where they are, Mike and Marcus leave and when they leave the police station they meet Sanchez and Ruiz and ask for their help in solving the case.

Mike, Marcus, Sanchez and Ruiz head to the Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport. Upon arrival, Mike says the business will be in the old hangar section.The four of them observe what they are going to face and Marcus says that there is no time to wait for reinforcements and that they must do it alone. Mike doesn't see a problem. Mike, Marcus open the trunk of their car and prepare for the raid. The 4 get into a garbage truck and attack him, after a hesitation from Ruiz and Mike telling him that his ideas always work. A final shootout breaks out between the group of police officers and drug dealers at Opa Locka airport. Julie starts the car in which she is trapped, gets out of it since before she was kidnapped, she stole the key from the handcuffs so that she did not have to be handcuffed all day and caused an explosion by crashing it against the ether barrels. While Mike, Marcus, Sanchez and Ruiz keep shooting and killing bad guys. Fouchet has Julie shot but Marcus rushes on her to save her but Fouchet shoots Marcus in the leg. A drug dealer hits Mike but he defeats him. Casper grabs the suitcase with the dead mobster's money, runs to the plane and starts shooting at Marcus, while Casper has his target in sight, Marcus seeing some nearby ether barrels takes out his gun and mockingly tells an angry Casper : "You forgot your boarding pass" and shoots the propane tank next to the plane, it explodes and sends a burning Casper flying towards the ground and also killing some nearby thugs. Mike sees Ferguson trying to escape with the rest, he sees a nearby cop and tries to kill him as revenge for ruining his drug business but Mike ambushes him with a shotgun. Mike greets him and, before Ferguson could react, shoots him in the chest, sending Ferguson into an electrical fuse that electrocutes him and incinerates him, killing him. Mike sees Fouchet trying to escape in his car and jumps behind the car and manages to grab on to Fouchet's neck since the car is a convertible. Mike tries to strangle him but Fouchet grabs a pistol and shoots Mike in the shoulder, getting him out of his car.

Marcus and Julie show up in a car and pick up Mike. Julie grabs him and puts him in the car because the pain would not let Mike move and while they flee, the hangar where a shooting has taken place explodes due to the contact of the flammable barrels with the fire. Mike orders Marcus to catch Flouchet for having shot him, Marcus tells him that he has been shot too and Julie says he's fine, even though Marcus has tackled him. Mike asks Marcus how he left him in the shooting to go get the car, Julie orders Mike to shut up. Seeing that they were catching up to him, Mike says the shooting has improved his driving skills. The three force Flouchet's car to crash into a concrete barrier. When braking, Mike tells Marcus that this is how to drive. Flouchet tries to run away but Mike shoots him in the leg. The three approach Flouchet and he provokes Mike to shoot him and Mike prepares to kill him, as revenge for Max's death, saying that shooting from 30 meters while the target is fleeing is not fun and it is best to shoot in the face point blank as he brings the gun to his face. Marcus orders Mike to step aside. Flouchet orders him to do it but Mike doesn't do it and walks away. The pair talk and they don't see that Flouchet has drawn a gun and points it at Marcus but Mike sees the reflection, turns and shoots Fouchet several times in the chest, killing him and finally avenging Max. Marcus says Mike " I ever tell you I love you?, Mike says "Yeah, you know you always be getting emotional after gunfights", Marcus says "Just because I'm glad we survived. Shit. What you talking about?", Mike says "I love you too, man. Don't be looking at me. I said, yeah, I love you. I said that shit.", Marcus says "You my boy, man.", Mike says "No, no, you like my brother, man.". Julie asks what about her, they see her as a magnet for shootings but they like her. Julie asks what they are going to do after this but Marcus says there is no "after" and wife at the hands of Mike and Julie, telling Julie that if he wanted Mike Lowrey now he had him, and he was limping with his wife to spend "quality time" with her and apologize for her actions, even refusing help for her injured leg. Mike and Julie tell him that he has to go to the hospital and give them the key to the handcuffs but Marcus ignores them and leaves.

Bad Boys II[]

Mike and Marcus were informed about Hector Tapia is selling and shipping drugs all over Miami to other countries such as Cuba.

Ku Klux Klan Drug Bust[]

During the ectasey shipment, Marcus and Mike infiltrated an Ku Klux Klan meeting where the shipment is delivered. Members of the Ku Klux Clan say "brown power" until Mike is discovered removing his disguise, followed by Marcus. Mike orders the delivery man to drop the bags and tells his boss. Mike and Marcus start singing "Bad Boys" until Mike stops and says to Marcus "Dude, you have to learn the words." and Marcus says "It's that ours is the chorus." Mike tries to alert the "alpha chief" but his headphones are not working due to interference and he is unable to contact his fellow officers. Marcus worries and asks Mike about backup. One of the KKK members laughs and Mike approaches him for laughing at which point Marcus is taken at gunpoint by another savage KKK member. Mike says they have a little problem and the member says he won't shoot but Mike says "Just because you're aiming for his head. Do you think I'm not going to spread your brains around the swamp?" Marcus says he thinks so. Mike says "What you don't understand is that my colleague has come here willing to die.", But he says no. The member scoffs at Marcus' fear. Mike insists that Marcus wants to die by charring the KKK members and tells him to let go of him and tell him who brings the drugs and will not be lenient with him. Marcus tries to calm the situation but Mike proclaims that he prefers to fuck sons of bitches. Marcus says they are aiming at his head and the captor calls Mike "n**ger" which angers him and is more willing to kill everyone saying "Yes I'm calm. Very calm! Hey! Wow! Wow! too unstable for this bullshit. Don't make a damn move! Quiet, everyone! "After Marcus tells him to calm down. Marcus notices that Mike is crazy and warns the member who has Marcus to have 3 seconds to lower the gun. Behind Mike, a member picks up a gun to shoot him but, Marcus warns him and Mike kills that member and Marcus' captor. The reinforcements hear the shots and take it as a signal.

A shootout ensues as reinforcements arrive. Mike and Marcus kill some members while others try to escape. Mike shoots at some explosive barrels causing an explosion that throws some members into the water while the police come. Mike turns to a KKK member about to shoot Marcus, jumps up and fires a stray bullet that accidentally hits Marcus in the buttocks and kills that member. While on the ground, a member goes to kill Mike but reinforcements appear to save him and begin arresting the KKK members and helping the wounded. The boss asks the couple if they are okay, Mike says yes but Marcus says no because Mike has shot him in the ass but Mike pretends it wasn't him and says "I mean, I was shooting. Yes, I did a lot of shots But I'm not saying that I shot you in the ass, although I'm not saying that I didn't shoot you ... but, damn it! Someone shot you in the ass. ", Marcus says" Tell me." Mike asks him how he's feeling and Marcus says he burns and stinks of barbecued ass. Two policemen make fun of Marcus' misfortune and he orders them to leave. The cops discover the surviving members of the Klan are not the dealers, but only small-time buyers of the drugs. Mike asks to be allowed to take care of his solplon. They complain that all this has been for nothing and Mike sends them to direct the traffic while he takes Marcus to a police helicopter to cure him.

In the helicopter, Marcus returns to argue with Mike that his father did not leave him any inheritance and he needs the police job. Mike is fed up with that debate and admits that he shot him in the ass but if he hadn't done it now he would be dead and he doesn't understand why he's so angry and the two argue about whether Marcus is angry or not. In a flashback Marcus is talking to a therapist about his relationship with Mike. Marcus tells Mike that he needs to go to therapy and Mike tells him that was when Howard forced him to go after Mike shot some people at the airport. In a flashback, Mike remembers having sex with the therapist. Marcus tells him what therapy is for, Mike tells him that he's already dirty and Marcus tells him that he went to group therapy a few times but Mike sees that as a cult.

Mike and Marcus arrive at the hospital. The doctor and Mike lead Marcus into the living room while the latter tells him to ignore Marcus. He tells her that he has lost a huge piece of his ass but the doctor tells him that it is only a small piece and Mike says "Hey, all this tension that you bring to our relationship will not be healthy in the long run." and Marcus says there may not be "in the long run". While attending to Marcus, Mike calls his contact and tells him that there were only two bags and that he has embarrassed him in front of his people, he tries to excuse himself but Mike gives him 24 hours to find ecstasy or go after him.

Home Life[]

At his home, Marcus is relaxing by the pool and gets a visit from his younger sister Sydney "Syd" Burnett. Mike also arrives at Marcus' house and when he opens it, Mike shows him a ring that he has bought in a pregnancy store for Marcus' ass and explains how it works. He thanks him and Mike tells him that last night he saw something different in his eyes and Marcus concludes that God sent Mike to test him and tells him that he could not bring him down. Mike is surprised to see Sydney in the house and goes to greet her, throwing the basketball that he had in his hands. Mike goes out to the garden and greets Theresa and says "I didn't know there was a Hawaiian party", she leaves and Sydney runs to hug and kiss Mike. It is revealed that Mike and Sydney are dating due to Mike accompanying a witness to New York a month ago. Mike tells Sydney to cut herself a bit and leaves her to just pretend they're shaking hands and she says "Oh, okay, okay. I get it. You haven't told Marcus about New York." But Mike tells him that Marcus knows about New York and Sydney asks him if he has told her that they are together but he tells her that Marcus knows that New York is a great city and what he did there. Mike explains that Marcus is not happy with him now, Sydney thinks Mike is exaggerating but he tells her that they have to give him some time to heal his butt. Sydney tells Mike that the two like each other and tries to go tell him but Mike stops her. He tells her that he will tell her when he and Marcus are alone and Sydney tells him "Mike, he is my brother, okay? Do not be afraid. Add eggs". Mike says that he is not afraid but believes that something is wrong with Marcus (He does not know that Marcus is transferred and they will no longer be partners).

During lunch, Marcus' dog is in the pool, Sydney asks Mike "So last month you were in New York, Mike" and he awkwardly asks Marcus what he's been doing. Theresa says that Mike and Sydney should have gone out together and she looks at Mike and says "Yes". Marcus tells his sister that he didn't tell her that Mike was in New York. Theresa says to Mike "Hey you know what Mike? Sydney is going to be in town, how long ... Another week? Why don't you show him Miami? It would be fine." Sydney says that would be great and Mike offers Marcus to show Sydney the city. Sydney says "Yeah, because I'm here on vacation. I'm in an awesome hotel. The views, the pool. Oh, great." Marcus says they have a pool too. Mike says it's just a pool, that it's like a huge pool lined with plastic. Megan asks her father if there were no good pools left when she bought that one. Marcus says that that pool cost $ 3,900 and Megan asks him how much a good pool costs. Theresa tells him to calm down and Mike and Marcus' kids agree that it is a very seedy pool. Sydney leaves and says that she has loved seeing Mike and he is delighted to have seen her too. Marcus takes Mike to talk privately by the pool.

Chasing After Sydney[]

Another operation is set in and the two best friends are ordered to tail Sydney during her DEA operation. They await, however, her money laundering his cut short because Haitians attempt to steal the money, which alerts DEA agents, Johnny Tapia's crew, and the Miami Police. This leads to a high-speed chase to kill the Haitians and rescuing Sydney. They manage to reach to her and upon arriving, Marcus criticizes her for letting alone about her occupation. The chase angers Captain Howard.


Due to the Haitian's involvement in stealing the money, Marcus and Mike needs to get information of the Blonde Dreads leader. First, they receive information from one of Mike's contacts. Upon arriving at the leader's home, a shootout occurs. Mike kills many of the Haitians and Marcus unknowningly kills one, leaving only the leader alive. Marcus is covered in white dust and debris. They get some information from the leader of how he knows the drop, and all the evidence were recorded through a video camera which consists acts of a funeral home drop and Tapia's men. The two finds all of this at a television store—the videos also consist a pornography homemade by the Haitians. An emotional Marcus sets in a room and Mike describes his depression with heartness and they are forced to leave when they discover their discussion was accidentally recorded on video-camera throughout the store, where an angry mother says to them -- "Y'all motherfuckers need Jesus".

Tapia's Investigation[]

The two find that the Spanish Palms Mortuary is in fact used by Tapia. The two wants a warrant on Tapia but Captain Howard reprimands of this. With knowledge, the two decides to infiltrate Tapia's mansion as bug exterminators. Unfortunately for Marcus, the mansion is infested with rats. While tapping wires, Marcus becomes grossed out by the rats easily, especially for him seeing a sexual intercourse of the rats. They immediately escape when their cover is blown. By the time of this, Marcus becomes unhappy when Syd is assigned to focus on Tapia. The two finds evidence of Tapia since the Ku Klux Klan meeting was link to Tapia's ectasey operation. Because of this, the two pressures a Ku Klux Klan member name Floyd Poteet, who was wounded during the KKK shootout, into their operation. Marcus, Mike, Floyd and Syd awaits for a shipment in the docks for the night and the next morning. Then, appointed with enough evidence, Marcus and Mike steals a car test-driven by Dan Marino with Floyd in the trunk and chases one of Tapia's men. The two chase a croney into a train where Marcus is left behind and forced to hop on the train shield and shooting into the train to gain access. However, the croney is killed during a fight with Mike. This angers Howard for the second. The van the croney was driven in consisted morgue evidence and also autopsed bodies.

The next time, Mike and Marcus infiltrates the morgue. Marcus is disgusted of the bodies and when attempting to ingest one, the bodie's already-cutten head falls out, showing decayed brain matter. This makes Marcus so disgusted that he vomits. Mike searches in the bodies and when a kidney falls out, Marcus vomits again. Marcus drinks water, unknowingly ingesting two pills of ectasey in the process. The two find perfect evidence, including cash in the coffins and ectasey in the bodies. Going to Howard's home, Mike finds out that Marcus has ingested the ectasey and warns him not to compromise the warrant. They manage to obtain the warrant and when Howard realizes that Marcus has ingested ectasey, he has Marcus shower to wear it off. The morgue is raided with the money and drugs being secured. They then make an attempted raid at the Tapia mansion but this is botched because Syd's former Russian associate and Tapia's Russian distributor, Alexei, arrives to kill Tapia. He is shot dead and Tapia manages to escape. The two manage to find evidence but Tapia calls Marcus, threatening a captured Syd's life and wants his money delivered to him in two days. At the police department, Marcus is angered when agents reveals that they don't negotiate with drug lords. He is saddened, but Mike and some fellow officers tag in the operation, gathering plans in Tapia's Cuban home.

At the house, Cuban militias are guards. Some of the officers initiates a bombing, giving Marcus and Mike time to slaughter many militias and gangbangers to reach to Syd. The trio, along with an agent, escapes with Tapia on their tail. The quartet reaches to the U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, where Tapia is on them. They all get out the car with Mike at gunpoint and Marcus and Syd at gunpoint by Tapia's assistant Carlos. When Syd tosses her gun, a landmine comes upon and kills Carlos, and Marcus manages to execute a skillful headshot into Tapia, rescuing Mike. Mike and Syd kiss, while Marcus is strucken and tells the guards that the kiss is dangerous around the landmines.

At home, Marcus and Mike relax in a newly built pool. Marcus finally makes peace with Mike's relationship with Syd and no longer doubting his partnership. Despite the sentiment, the pool breaks again and washes the two into the river—they sing "Bad Boys" while floating.

Bad Boys for Life[]

In 2020, Mike drives at full speed with Marcus in the passenger seat, his partner asks him to slow down a bit but when Marcus receives a call saying that there are only 4 minutes left, he orders him to accelerate. Other policemen in motorboats, cars and a police helicopter talk about the position of Mike and Marcus' car. After going through several curves, Marcus feels like vomiting and Mike threatens to kill him if he vomits in his car. The cops follow them and Mike doesn't turn into the street where he should turn, he tells Marcus that he should have told him earlier. Then they go towards a bus that is going to leave, Marcus warns him to stop but Mike tells him to calm down, he turns the car and goes down a street that takes them to the beach. They get back on the road and Mike backs up at full speed and drives down a street before hitting a truck coming up behind. They keep going backwards until they reach their destination. Mike and Marcus get out of the car and the latter hits the door with a fire hydrant on his way out, Mike warns him that he will have to repair it. Mike and Marcus arrive just in time to see the birth of Marcus' first grandson and daughter Megan's son. Megan lets her mother Theresa pick up the baby and when Marcus picks it up, he and Mike see that they have the eyes and ears of their grandfather and Theresa and Megan tell them that the baby's name is Marcus Miles Burnett like their grandfather, which It was the idea of ​​Megan's boyfriend and future husband, Reggie. He tells them that he thought it was a respectful gesture for Marcus, he tells him that he is fine but that he has yet to marry Megan. She tells Mike that now he should take the baby but Mike refuses, Marcus starts to pretend to cry but Mike still refuses and goes out to wait outside.

That in a bar, the cops are throwing a birth party for Marcus' grandson and Captain Howard makes a toast and hopes that one day Marcus' grandson will follow in his grandfather's footsteps and protect and serve the city. Mike joins the toast and toasts his partner's name scare the bad guys for years to come. Marcus thanks everyone, says that he and Mike have been protecting the city for 25 years but he also includes that they also protect the city and he thanks everyone again, after saying that they all start to cheer at Marcus. During the party celebrating Marcus' grandson, the aging Marcus tells Mike he intends to retire, to Mike's chagrin. He tells Mike that he wants to spend his days watching his grandson grow up, Mike tells him that Theresa doesn't want him to stay all day. Marcus insists that we have to change but Mike refuses. Marcus tells Mike that family is the only thing that matters, when Lieutenant Rita Secada, Mike's ex-girlfriend, comes to congratulate Marcus on his grandson, he also shows Rita pictures of the baby and Mike, in turn, congratulate her on being the new head of the AMMO (Advanced Miami Metro Operations). Marcus asks what the AMMO is and Rita explains that it is a team of police officers trained in new tactics and investigation and also tells them what the acronym means. Rita leaves, after congratulating Marcus again. Mike stares at her as she walks away. Marcus told his partner that he's in love with her and tries to convince Mike that he should go out with her again, saying that she is perfect for him and that he shouldn't spend the rest of his life alone but Mike refuses and tells him that although he had many dates, he was only in love once. Mike tells him that he will pursue criminals until he is 100 but Marcus reminds him that in the race to see Marcusin at the hospital, Marcus won. But Mike refuses to believe that Marcus beat him in a race.

When the two leave the bar they decide to make a race with a bet: If Marcus wins, he and Mike will retire and if Mike wins, they will both remain cops, remain "bad boys for life", Captain Howard approaches them, saying these "bad boys" are no longer boys, but decides to be the referee and when he says "now", Mike and Marcus start running, but during the race, Armando Aretas comes riding on a motorcycle and shoots Mike without stopping. Marcus, Rita and the other cops go to help Mike, while Captain Howard calls the hospital for help. Mike remains in a coma for six months and Armando continues to assassinate other targets on his list during Mike's convalescence.

After that time, Marcus' daughter Megan marries her boyfriend Reggie, with all his family and friends present, including Mike who has recovered. Mike details his attempts and those of Marcus to scare him in Bad Boys II to the other guests, he also makes a toast explaining a saying that he and Marcus say to each other in the face of difficult times: we ride together, we die together and they all shout "bad boys for life".

At night, at the wedding party, Mike is determined to seek revenge and asks the captain to let him investigate the case, but he refuses and tells him that the AMMO is handling the case and when Mike talks about putting Marcus and him to investigate the case, Captain Howard tells him that he has withdrawn. Mike attempts to recruit the now-retired Marcus, but he refuses as after Mike's near death experience Marcus prayed to God that if Mike survives he will never turn to violence again, causing a fall out between them.

At home, Mike is running on a treadmill and sees that someone has uploaded the video of when he was shot. Mike turns to the door with his gun when he notices that someone has entered his house but it is only Rita. She tells him that he has been very slow, that he is losing faculties and that he has been able to enter because he still has the key to his house. As Mike takes a glass from the fridge, Rita also tells him that she can't participate in the case (she knows because Howard has told her) and that she was shot. But Mike still doesn't care what happened to him. Rita tells him that for this type of case the AMMO was created, that he does not want to be realistic and she asks him if he is completely cured. Mike insists yes but she gently hits him on the chest and it still hurts Mike, she keeps doing it playfully until Mike tells her to stop. Rita insists that if she participates she will make mistakes but Mike tells her "Hasta el fuego" and she doesn't understand what that phrase means. Mike tells Rita that he knows him too well to ask her to quit. She asks him because she cares as a friend and asks him again to let the AMMO take care of it, but Mike refuses and continues investigating.

Mike goes to Manny's butcher shop and when he meets Manny, he shows him the video in which Armando shot him. Then Mike hits his hand with a meat tenderizer and handcuffs him to a table while Manny yells "Aaah. My fucking hand, man. Hey, the cops can't fucking act like that. What happened to reading my rights? It doesn't have to go like this. No, you're supposed to ask me questions. and I'll answer you. Come on and fuck you, what the hell man?" and Mike hits his hand again with the meat tenderizer, Manny whisper "My fucking hand, man". Mike asks who manufactures the bullets from the gun with which he was shot: "P90 Herstal. Who makes the bullets?" Manny denies knowing anything but Mike knows that Manny has the information because he has a car that costs a lot of money and it is impossible that he bought it as a butcher, and when he prepares to hit him again Manny stains his suit of grease. Mike inadvertently asks him "Did you just stain my suit with grease?" Manny tries to apologize but when he sees Mike even more angry and ready to hit him again, Manny, terrified, says "No. Booker Grassie. That's his name. Booker Grassie. That's what his name is, man". Mike walks off and leaves Manny handcuffed to the table and yelling "Hey Mike, Mike. Hey Mike, take the handcuffs off me" and terrified tells him that the arms dealer is called Booker Grassie, Mike leaves and leaves Manny handcuffed to the table.

Mike reports what he has discovered to Captain Howard and he, realizing that Mike will not heed orders to stay away from the investigation, reluctantly allows him to work with the tech-driven team in charge, the Advanced Miami Metro Operations (AMMO) led by Rita, although neither of them wishes to work with the other. Rita takes Mike to the AMMO facility, and explains to the group that Mike will work with them as a consultant. AMMO members are:

  • Rita Secada, head of AMMO.
  • Kelly, weapons expert of AMMO.
  • Dorn, tech expert of AMMO.
  • Rafe, member of AMMO.

They all treat Mike with respect, except for Rafe who is a bit cocky and jokes about Mike's age.

While the team surveils Grassie at an arms deal, Mike determines that the buyers intend to kill Grassie and intervenes, but fails to save him.

Later, Mike is called by Marcus. He replies saying "Tell me, cracked". Mike waits for him until Marcus arrives in his wife's car. Mike climbs in saying "This is kind of pathetic. Where is your car?" and Marcus says "The girls took him to the spa." Marcus explains to Mike that Carver Remy, an old informant, thinks the killer is after him and needs to be protected. Along the way, Mike and Marcus, who are still angry with each other, don't talk much to each other and insist that they are okay. Mike says "If you see how you could drop your right foot a bit, okay? a Prius just passed you", then he notices Marcus' fanny pack and Mike mockingly asks him if he keeps his balls there. Marcus says "Neither of my two balls wants to be here listening to your stupid things". Mike hears a baby in the back seats, turns around and sees Marcusin, Marcus' grandson. Mike asks him, in disbelief, "Have you brought Marcusin to a murder investigation?", Marcus says "We will leave him at the spa". They argue over what the person who shot Mike might want from Carver and Marcus apologizes to his grandson for swearing. They arrive at the spa, park and Marcus says to him "Take the baby inside", Mike tells him "I happened to go in there", Marcus tells him "Well, you won't find out who tried to kill you. Look if I went in there, I know who's going to kill me. to me: Theresa Burnett", Mike still refuses to take Marcusin to his grandmother and says to Marcus: "Stop fucking. Take the baby and come in", Marcus says "Mike. Carver is screwed, he won't wait all day". Seeing that he was not going to convince Marcus to leave Marcusin at the spa, Mike agrees by saying "Okay, okay". Mike carries the baby in his chair to where Theresa is. He enters opens the door of the room where Theresa is and tries to leave Marcusin without her seeing him, but Theresa notices and says "Ahh ahh. No. Mike. Mike", Mike runs away and Theresa, angry, says "Tell Marcus I'm going to kill him".

The couple arrive at Carver. As he gets out of the car, Mike says to him, "You know, a big part of fighting crime is getting ahead of the criminals. You don't have to stop for the pigeons, jump at them. They will fly away." Mike and Marcus start walking looking for Carver but it's too late to save him late because Armando dumps his body in Theresa's car. Hearing the noise caused by the blow, Mike, trying to contain his frustration at having taken so long to arrive, says "It better be a safe or a piano", they turn around and see Theresa's car wrecked. Marcus, fearing Theresa's anger, says "It's my wife's car", Mike says "And that's the fucking Carver Remy", Marcus says "You don't know if it's Carver Remy. It could be anyone". Mike orders: "Cover the entrance and shut up" and goes to the building to look for the murderer while Marcus calls for help despite the fact that he has retired from the police.

Mike and Armando smash a building window, land on a terrace, and the two fight with their fists until Mike grabs him and presses his face (covered in a motorcycle helmet) against the wall. Armando frees himself by punching Mike, he tries to give him another one but the killer dodges him and knocks him to the ground. Armando grabs Mike by the neck and he takes off his helmet and sees his face. The two look into each other's eyes for a moment and Armando puts his helmet back on, hits Mike in the face with it and withdraws from the fight. Armando flees by jumping from the window balconies with Mike in pursuit. The policeman throws himself at his legs and stops him but Armando turns to him and the two hold on and fall to the ground. Armando gets loose and runs to his motorcycle, Marcus tries to stop him but the killer kicks him down and runs away. Mike and Marcus watch him walk away. A while later, the couple drive home in Theresa's wrecked car. Marcus asks "Are you comfortable?" and Mike says "More than you will be when Theresa sees her car." That night, Mike reflects on the killer and feels like he has seen him before.

whom Carver Remy, an old informant who believes the assassin is after him, had called. The pair travel to Carver, but on the way they have to drop off Marcusin, Marcus' grandson, at the spa with Theresa. When they arrive at the spa, Marcus makes Mike leave the baby with Theresa. He tries to leave him without Theresa seeing him but she realizes it, Mike runs away and Theresa says "I am going to kill Marcus". Mike runs out and tells Marcus to leave now. They talk about Theresa being as angry as Marcus was when Mike broke up with his sister Sydney and Mike when Marcus threw the coffee out of his car and then Marcus realized he hadn't given her the baby wipes so he would be even more. angry than they believed before. They reach Carver, but it is too late to save him because Armando dumped his body in Theresa's car. Mike goes to the building to look for the murderer while Marcus calls for help even though he has retired from the police. Mike and Armando smash a building window, land on a terrace, and Armando escapes on his motorcycle after a fist fight with Mike and kicking Marcus down. As they return, they discuss what awaits Marcus when Theresa sees his car.

The next day, Mike and Captain Howard are watching the captain's daughter's basketball game. Captain Howard reveals his intentions to retire as well, and tries to convince Mike that he should as well, offering him advice that he needs to find a way forward in life, but ultimately failed. Mike and Conrad discuss mike joining Conrad's family for dinner when they walk to their vehicles. Howard offers to cook, then offers to Order pizza. At that moment, Armando shoots Conrad in the neck. As Mike try to keep pressure on Howard's neck, the reffere to the game approaches to try to help Mike and he, seeing that Armando was going to shoot her, finds himself behind the car and tells the woman to do the same then as he calls for an ambulance, but Howard doesn't survive. Later a funeral is held for him. When everyone leaves, Mike tells Marcus that he was right, that he told him that if he went out to get revenge he would cause someone to die. The captain's death pulls Marcus out of retirement, he goes to Mike's house, meets him on the terrace and says "One last time", Mike, coinciding with Marcus, says "One last time", the two bump their fists agreeing to work together one last time and look at Miami tonight.

Mike and Marcus go to the house of Grassie's accountant and after Mike has a brief fight with him, Rita knocks him out with her taser gun and then the other members of the AMMO enter the house. Marcus reveals the two are going to work with the AMMO, which upsets Mike a bit. At the AMMO facilities, they track down the accountant, which leads them to Lorenzo "Zway-Lo" Rodríguez. They discover that today is his birthday and that night they infiltrate the party.

They go incognito, Mike stares at Rita in her dress, Marcus tells his friend that he has a crush on her and Mike tells him to leave him alone. Rafe get them in. During the party, Kelly, disguised as a waitress, meets Zway-Lo and Rita tells her not to lose sight of him. Marcus talks to Mike about his marriage and the latter tells him that the AMMO members can hear him, which Rita confirms. Kelly and Rita are in position and Mike and Marcus are in position as well. A man starts flirting with Rita, which annoys Mike but then leaves. Birthday is announced in the building and everyone celebrates it until Mike, Marcus and Rita reveal themselves as policemen and Zway-Lo runs away. Mike and Marcus chase him in a car until Mike shoots him when they get to Overtown, knocking him out. The AMMO is on the way but Zway-Lo's thugs show up and shoot them in the car. Mike asks Zway-Lo who wants to kill him but he refuses to answer. The AMMO shows up and takes care of the thugs but Zway-Lo escapes on a motorcycle and Mike and Marcus chase him on a motorcycle with a sidecar. Mike has Marcus throw a grenade to throw off the remaining thugs and Marcus starts using a turret on the sidecar to shoot Zway-Lo. The thugs catch up with them and Mike shoots them all while Marcus continues to shoot Zway-Lo. He takes them to a bridge and Armando appears in a helicopter and shoots them. Mike breaks the union of the motorcycle and the sidecar, separating him from Marcus. Armando lowers a ladder for Zway-Lo and he grabs onto it. Mike crashes into a truck but recovers and jumps up to grab the ladder. Armando orders Zway-Lo to step aside but ultimately kills him when he blocks Armando's ability to shoot Mike. As he lines up a shot, Armando tells Mike "Hasta el fuego" which surprises him. Marcus, however, stops Armando with gunfire, which allows Mike to jump into the river to escape.

That night, everyone goes incognito to the Zillion club. Mike and Marcus arrive and Mike stares at Rita in her dress, who smiles at him and walks into the club. Marcus also looked at her, he turns to Mike and tells his friend that he's in love and Mike says "Leave me alone and don't say bullshit." The two go to the entrance and Mike asks the girls who let the guests in: "Hello girls. Has Georgio come?" They don't know what he's talking about and they order him to go to the end of the queue. At that moment, Rafe appears and greets the girls named Nicole and Paige, the three embrace and Rafe introduces them to Mike and Marcus: "This is my Uncle Michael and that is his friend, Uncle Marcus. Do you mind? What happen? He just got divorced". The girls feel sorry for them and let them pass. Mike walks in saying this can't be real and Marcus tells him it is. Mike, Marcus and Rita walk in and see the big party going on at the club: the Black Eyed Peas "beat" is playing and everyone dances. Rita asks Kelly "Kelly, what is the location of the target?", Kelly says, through her earpiece, "Second floor. VIP area. I'm looking at it". Kelly disguised as a waitress meets Zway-Lo, he puts the glass on Kelly's tray and takes another with beer. Kelly smiles at him and through the collar around his neck, Dorn has Zway-Lo on his team and says "Target confirmed." Kelly winks and leaves. Dorn informs the other policemen: "The second floor has an entrance and a way out. We have him cornered", Kelly tells them that Zway-Lo's bodyguard has a gun and Rita tells her "We are continuing with the plan. Kelly controls Zway-Lo's bodyguard", she replies "Right". Marcus talks to Mike about their marriage and the latter tells him that the AMMO members can hear him but Marcus says" There's too much noise. They can't hear us "and he continues to explain it to Mike and he points to the headphones that they wear in his ear and Rita confirms that they are hearing him. Marcus, laughing, because of his blunder he says it was just a joke. Kelly and Rita are in position and Mike, Marcus and Rafe are also in position. At that moment, a man walks up to Rita and flirts with her saying "That dress is amazing. Don't see how it looks", Rita says: "Yes, thank you. Wait. Wait. I can't have come with my friends", he tells her "They can come too", Rita says: "I can't tonight". Mike, furious with that man for flirting with Rita, says to the lieutenant: "Give him a kick in the balls and let's move on". Rita and the man say goodbye and Mike says "That dress you're wearing isn't incognito. You should have put something incognito on you". In his position, Rafe starts to liven up the party and yells "Today we have a special guest in the house! It's your birthday! Let's wish you a happy birthday! Three two one" and everyone yells "Happy birthday!" and Rafe yells "We love you, Zway-Lo!". Everyone cheers and Kelly and the real waitresses hand out bottles with bandages tied to the handle, Mike takes one for himself and one for Marcus. The two follow Kelly and the waitresses yelling and raising their arms until they reach Zway-Lo. The pair set their bottles on the table and clap on both sides of Zway-Lo. As they dance alongside Zway-Lo, Marcus says to him, "You're going to jail, motherfucker" and Mike says to Marcus: "I say "criminal", you say "jail".". Mike and Marcus say: "Criminal. Jail. Criminal. Jail" respectively as Kelly flirts with Zway-Lo's bodyguard, steals his gun, takes aim at the bodyguard, and she and Mike and Marcus are discovered yelling, "Miami Police! Freeze!". Zway-Lo, seeing that Mike, Marcus and Kelly are real policemen, runs, jumps from the second floor to a tower of the nightclub that falls to the ground due to the weight of Zway-Lo and when he reaches the ground, flees. Mike and Marcus look out and say "Shit", Marcus says "I told you he was an athlete", Mike says "We have to jump", Marcus says he is not going to jump and Mike says "He runs away pussy! Jump now! " Mike jumps up, grabs onto a cloth, lowers it to the ground, and chases Zway-Lo out of the bar.

Mike forcibly pulls a guy out of his car saying "I need this. I need it. Excuse me. Excuse me. Police business". Mike whistles at Marcus from the car when he sees him, his partner comes in saying "You're stupid", Mike yells at him "I don't get any advantage jumping from that fucking balcony if you go down the stairs", Marcus complains saying "I told you I didn't jump "and Mike puts the car in matcha and they chase Zway-Lo. Dorn shows them where to go. Mike makes a sharp left turn and Marcus fastens his seatbelt. Mike asks "Now are you wearing your belt? Is that what you wear?", Marcus says yes. Marcus notices Zway-Lo heading to Overtown and pleads with his partner, "Mike. Not to Overtown, please. Zway have people there. Crappy people, "Mike responds by saying" We are more crappy "and makes a sharp turn to the right. Mike picks up the gun with non-lethal bullets and complains saying" You fucking rubber bullet pistol shit. They shoot lead and we shoot balls, "Marcus asks," Mike, if you could stop for a minute. I need to tell you something ", Mike turns to Marcus and asks" Stop? Do you want to stop? Give me a second. Let me see if Zway-Lo stops too "and whistles at the criminal and yells" Zway-Lo, Marcus needs to stop for a minute. Can we pause?". Marcus tells him that he made a promise to God, Mike asks, "What the hell are you talking about?" and his partner tells him that he promised God that if Mike survives he would not bring more violence, but Mike says "He knew perfectly well that you were lying. Violence is our thing", Mike and Marcus arrive at the Overtown parking lot chasing Zway-Lo's motorcycle. Marcus tells him: "But it's about your soul, our job is to protect and serve", Mike says: "You're right. I'm going to do that bastard a service" and, with the rubber bullet pistol, he shoots him in head, knocking him unconscious and causing the bike to derail. Mike and Marcus stop the car and approach the unconscious Zway-Lo and see that the blow from the bullet has made a squishy lump on his head. Mike scoffs saying "This guy looks like the fucking elephant man. You see that" and Marcus touches him over Mike's objections. Marcus, after touching it, says "This is disgusting, Mike", Mike says "Cut your hands" and searches Zway-Lo and finds his cell phone, he puts it in his pocket while Marcus tries to touch the package again but they both hear noises and Mike says "Overtown is waking up. Let's go". Mike and Marcus take Zway-Lo to their car and contact AMMO, Dorn tells them "We are coming to Overtown" and Rita tells Dorn, Rafe and Kelly "Gear up" and they all get ready.

Zway-Lo's henchmen arrive on motorcycles when Mike, Marcus and Zway-Lo are in the car. Mike starts the car and tries to escape but the gangsters shoot the wheels and surround the car without getting off the bikes and shooting them. Mike tells them "We have your man" and threatens to kill him but the criminals smash the car windows and Mike says "Wake up Zway-Lo" and Marcus plays him non-stop until Zway-Lo wakes up and calls to Marcus "Cocoon" when he recognizes him as "Coach Burnett". Marcus gives the lump to Zway-Lo, hurting him, and asks "You still think I'm an asshole", Mike asks, "Zway-Lo, who wants to kill me?" and he says "Better say who doesn't want to kill you" and orders the gangsters to kill both of them, including him if necessary and the motorcyclists get off their motorcycles and prepare to shoot them but the AMMO intervenes in their truck, crushes the motorcycles and forces the mobsters to disperse. Marcus says "Thank God" but Zway-Lo takes advantage of what has happened to escape. Mike, furious, asks Marcus "Why did you let him get away?" Rafe exits through the front doors of the truck and Dorn and Rita, who orders: "Suppression fire" exit through the trailer. Kelly exits through an overhead door of the truck and drops non-lethal bombs at the mobsters. Zway-Lo escapes on a motorcycle and while the AMMO takes care of the mobsters, Mike and Marcus chase their target on a motorcycle with a sidecar. Mike gets on the bike and orders Marcus to get into the sidecar even though there is a pit bull on it. Marcus does not go up for fear of the Pitbull and Mike asks "Would you rather that he bite you or that they kill you?". Marcus eventually gets in the sidecar and Mike drives out of the parking lot and chases after Zway-Lo. The AMMO fails to stop the motorcyclists and they are after Mike and Marcus.

Marcus checks the sidecar saying "And this?". He sees that it's full of guns and goes on saying, "Here's more guns than gray on your goatee" when Mike says, "What is it?" One of the bikers is approaching and Marcus says, "Hey, there's a grenade" and pulls out the grenade that he found. Mike orders him: "Drop it, drop it!", Marcus refuses saying "This is not fucking Vietnam", Mike removes the safety from the grenade and sarcastically says to his partner: "Keep it then" and Marcus complains saying: "What the hell am I going to keep it" and throws it but one of the motorcyclists catches it and throws it at Mike and Marcus making them leave the parking lot with an explosion. The couple exits the parking lot and drives through town with the gangsters chasing and shooting them. Mike asks "Come on man what else do you have there" and Marcus pulls a big turret out of the sidecar and says, "Oh, what a rush." The riders are shooting at them and Mike orders Marcus, "Shoot now!" Marcus refuses saying, "No, no, Mike! I made him a promise! a God! No more violence. "Zway-Lo sees that Mike and Marcus are chasing him and shoots them with his gun. Mike says to Marcus:" And who do you think sent you that gun? "Marcus responds" I don't know! "and Mike proclaims," ​​That's God's weapon!", Marcus says: "Oh yeah ?!", Mike says: "He knows you needed it", Marcus says: "Well man is smart!", Mike says "Yes. You are a vehicle of God's work", Marcus says "I am a vehicle", Mike yells "Yes. Like David and Goliath", Marcus says "Yes, David with the sling", Mike yells "That's right! And that's your sling!", Marcus says "Yeah!", Mike yells "To take down the enemies!" and Marcus proclaims, "We are the bad boys of the Bible, kid!", Mike says "Right! Amen?", Marcus says "Amen?", Mike yells "Amen!" and Marcus yells "Amen!" and shoots the turret. Zway-Lo says "Shit!" When he doesn't hit, Mike asks "Where do you have your glasses?" And Marcus proclaims, "I don't need glasses!" And Mike proclaims "Well, you won't even hit the three!". Zway-Lo approaches a truck carrying a car and shoots the car causing it to explode and causing the two vehicles to catch fire but Mike and Marcus avoid the flames. The thugs catch up with them and shoot them and Mike turns to shoot them while Marcus shoots Zway-Lo. Mike gets rid of the thugs that are behind them and Marcus shoots at the motorcycle of another that has been put in front and makes it explode. Mike avoids the fire by approaching a truck and soon takes them out of there when he sees that the wheel was going to crush Marcus. Mike apologizes yelling "My fault. My fault!" and Marcus yells "Another miss and I'll kill you".

Zway-Lo takes Mike and Marcus to a bridge and Armando appears in a helicopter and shoots them with a bazooka. Mike breaks the union of the motorcycle and the sidecar, separating him from Marcus and the two dodging the rocket that causes a large explosion behind them. The sidecar continues to advance uncontrollably, and Armando throws a ladder and Zway-Lo grabs onto it. Zway-Lo hangs up in front of a truck causing the driver to panic and derail the truck loaded with explosive drums. Marcus is going to crash into the truck, but Mike pulls the sidecar away from a collision with the motorcycle and jumps into the truck trailer when the motorcycle collides with him, hitting the material. Marcus crashes into a construction zone and the barrels stacked there cause the sidecar to stop. Mike recovers from the blow and seeing the helicopter in front of him, runs to grab the ladder. Armando tries to stop him by shooting the flammable materials from the truck but Mike advances by jumping from these towards the ladder and clinging to it, before the materials explode. The helicopter flies over the river and Armando leans out and orders Zway-Lo: "Get out! Get out of the way, fucking!" when he blocks Armando's ability to shoot Mike. In the end, Armando kills Zway-Lo by shooting him in the head falls into the water and while lining up a shot, Armando says to Mike "Until the fire" which leaves Mike so surprised that he does not move or try to escape. Marcus, however, stops Armando with shots from the sidecar turret, allowing Mike to get out of the shcok and jump into the river to escape. Armando leans out, watches Marcus and then Mike fall into the water and the killer screams in frustration at missing his chance to kill Mike, who comes out of the water and sees the helicopter go away.

AMMO is shut down because of the failed operation. Mike goes back to the AMMO and asks Dorn for help with the Zway-Lo mobile, he wants him to find out who he had spoken to in the last few months. Mike sees that he had spoken with several people in Mexico and asks him to send the phrase "Hasta el fuego" to all numbers in Mexico. When he does that, Mike tells Dorn that he will continue alone. Mike starts looking for information about Isabel Aretas, he sees that she escaped from prison 9 months ago and that she gave birth in prison 8 months after her arrest. At that moment, a message appears on Zway-Lo's mobile that says "Hi Mike." After Mike leaves, Marcus watches him go and, after encouraging Rita and the AMMO members a bit, follows him and sees that Mike is very sad and dejected. In private, Mike reveals to Marcus that Armando may be his son. Before partnering with Marcus, Mike worked as an undercover officer in the Aretas cartel where he met Isabel. They fell in love and intended to run away together, using "Hasta el fuego" as a made-up secret catchphrase. Mike ultimately remained loyal to the police, realizing how dangerous Isabel had become. Marcus asks him "Mike, did you fuck a married witch?", Mike looks at him without being able to believe what he said and asks: "With everything I just told him and that was your conclusion?" Marcus says "It's not that there is much to digest. I mean, I think you know someone and ... Now I understand why you dress like a drug dealer", Mike, sad because Marcus doesn't seem to take it seriously, asks him "Do you want to hear all the story yes or no?", Marcus apologizes and believes that Mike is jumping to conclusions but Mike gets up from the ground and tells him that Benito Aretas could not have children, Isabel gave birth in jail eight months after his arrest, Armando told him "Hasta el fuego" before he jumped out of the helicopter and explains: "Isabel and I made up that phrase. It's something we said to each other. It meant something like: we'll be together until we burn". Marcus tries to speak but Mike cuts him off and tells him that Armando is the right age, that he is as crazy, ruthless and daring like him and that he is his crazy version. But Marcus tells him that he is the crazy version of himself and tries to convince him that he is rushing, saying: " All this will resolve itself. You must trust", Mike, still dejected, says to him "Yes. You are right", the two hug and Mike says "I have to go, okay?" and drives off in his car with Marcus and Rita looking worried.

Mike gets on a plane to go to Mexico, followed by Marcus but Mike asks him to leave, that he was not going to let anyone else die to deal with his mistakes but Marcus refuses to let Mike go on a suicide mission alone. On the plane, Mike tells Marcus that he will kill his son, Marcus tells him that this is horrible and after Marcus does not stop talking and pestering Mike with questions about Armando and Isabel, Mike asks someone to change his seat.

The couple arrives in Mexico and they settle in the house of a man who owes them a favor, he also gives them weapons. A while later, there is a knock on the door, they prepare to fight, but it was the AMMO. Marcus tells Mike that Rita called him. They were surprised to see everything they had brought, Rita explains that everything had been provided by a DEA position. Mike explains that he will be the bait, they will meet at the Hidalgo Palace, an old hotel on the outskirts, he explains that Isabel will want to talk to him and while they are talking the AMMO must find Armando. Mike asks that they let him finish off Armando. The cops get ready in the house to go to the Hidalgo Palace and Rita places a necklace with a mini camera and microphone around Mike's neck so they could see and hear everything Mike saw and heard.

Mike arrives at the Hidalgo Palace, followed by a drone controlled by Rafe. Dorn says "There are no identifiable threats yet. Checking the channels inside and blocking the channels outside in case they have counter surveillance", Kelly says "There is no way I'm here alone", Rafe says "It's the cartel. It will have a lot of reinforcements", Dorn says "Marcus moves to the back" and Rita says "Marcus, we're covering your position from the air". Marcus moves around the back of the hotel and says "Still nothing. I'm getting closer". Mike enters the palace and observes everything around him until he sees Isabel on the top floor of the ground. She comes down the stairs and greets Mike saying: "Hi Ricky or better I should tell you Mike", he says "Hi Isabel". Isabel lets Mike inspect her and says "There was a time when touching me would have melted you". which angers Rita, who says, "In the end I kill her". Mike prepares for Isabel to inspect him but she doesn't and he asks her where Armando is. She takes Mike to a table with two chairs and sits him on one of them while telling him that she wanted him dead and he survived because, perhaps, it made him very strong and that it is his destiny to see each other again. Isabel looks at Mike's necklace and takes it off. The AMMO and Marcus lose communication and conclude that the mobsters know they are there. Isabel says to Mike: "Now we are alone". Mike scolds Isabel for not telling him that he has a son, for not telling Armando the truth about his father and for raising him to be a murderer, saying he would have taken care of his son, but Isabel replies that Armando is his son, who had planned to surprise him with the news of her pregnancy after they ran away together and Armando believed that he was the man who ruined their lives. Mike told him: "Don't do this", Isabel blows out the candles on the table and someone whistles at Mike. Hearing it, Mike gets up from the table and takes out his two pistols and sees Marcus. However, Armando leaves behind him, showing that Marcus is his hostage while pointing a gun at him and showing that he has Marcus' gun. Armando orders him: "Keep moving forward, Inspector." Marcus obeys him with raised hands until he reaches the center of the palace and Isabel's other men also reveal themselves on the upper floors of the Hidalgo Palace. Armando says to Mike, "See that? Drop it." Seeing the situation, Mike asks Isabel what he is going to do, Isabel answers: "Until the fire" and Marcus scared tries to convince Armando that he and Mike have to talk, but Mike asks him to calm down and Armando orders him shut up. Marcus insists, "No Mike. It's the lack of communication that has made all this go to shit" and continues to say to Armando "He has to tell you something. You will not like it but you have to hear it".

At that moment an explosion occurs that throws Mike, Marcus, Armando and Isabel to the ground. Members of the AMMO enter to help, with Rafe controlling the drone with pistols to take down the men. A shootout quickly ensues between AMMO and Isabel's men. Mike tries to shoot Armando and Isabel, who go upstairs to the palace. Rafe keeps shooting but Isabel's men destroy the drone. Isabel and Armando head to a helicopter to escape. Mike passes one of his pistols to Marcus but he does not take it and Mike orders him: "Put your glasses on, damn it", Marcus asks him, endangered: "Don't you know how to shoot? What are your hands on?". Two men go downstairs and Mike finds himself behind the overturned table and moves it by the legs toward Marcus. He puts his glasses on and says, "Hey, you were right about the glasses" and Mike yells at him, "I've been telling you not to see shit for years." The two move using the table as a shield and Mike shoots the two men coming down the stairs while Marcus shoots a man upstairs and says "Fuck. It's like watching in HD" and they both move until they reach the members of the AMMO. Rita yells "Contact at twelve o'clock!" and Mike and Marcus shoot the glass ceiling causing several sharp pieces to fall and stab a mobster. Mike and Marcus walk away from the table and regroup with the AMMO.

Mike talks to Rita and says, "Hey, Isabel and the shooter have gone over the top", Marcus says "Can you cover us?" and Mike and Rita give instructions to AMMO members: Rita tells Kelly: "Kelly! Right flank!", Kelly responds: "Got it!", Mike says to Rafe: "Rafe, open to the left and move on!", Rafe responds: "Right!", Rita says to Dorn: "Dorn, follow Rafe!" and he answers yes and Mike says to him: "Hey, big guy. I'm going to need you to hurt some people. I pay you therapy. Okay?", Dorn replies "I could use it. Seriously", Mike says "Yes, I get it". Rita says to Mike "I will entertain you while you run up the stairs" and Mike joins her saying at the same time: "I run up the stairs", Rita says: "Yeah", Mike says, "Huh. That's cool, Lieutenant", Rita responds "Same here, Inspector" and Marcus tells Mike he's in love again. Rita orders everyone to do their job and the cops come out of hiding to continue the shooting. Dorn shoot and hit several gangsters. Mike shoots two gangsters and uses one as a shield against another and when he stops shooting, Mike moves away and Marcus shoots him. Mike and Marcus go up the stairs with two gangsters chasing them but Rafe destroys the stairs With a bomb that throws Mike and Marcus up and the pursuers down. Through the cracks in the floor above, Rita spots other men and shoots them before they reach Mike and Marcus as Kelly lunges at the last man in the room downstairs and kills him by shooting him with burning clothes in the chest.

Mike and Marcus come to the room on the upper floor where Isabel and Armando are, he tries to shoot them with his gun and behind them his escape helicopter appears. Marcus asks "Where the hell do they get so many helicopters?" Mike and Armando shoot each other but neither hits the mark. The helicopter pilot also shoots at them, forcing Mike and Marcus to move away from the bedroom door while Armando still fires. Downstairs, Kelly is shot in the leg by a first-floor mobster and Rita grabs her to take her to safety. Dorn has seen what has happened to his partner, he also sees that the man is located on a part of the building supported by an unstable pillar and he throws himself towards the pillar, breaks it and the man falls to his death. The escape helicopter rises to the roof of the palace and the pilot tries to shoot Mike and Marcus. Marcus says to him: "Mike! Load the pilot!", Mike, who has not heard him, says to him: "Load the rotor!". Mike is the only one who shoots and the pilot responds with shots. When Marcus doesn't shoot, Mike turns to him and asks: "Where the hell are you aiming?!", Marcus replies: "The pilot!" Mike says to him: "Aim for the rotor! If you shoot the pilot ..." but Marcus does not listen to him and shoots the pilot. At first, he rejoices but the helicopter falls and breaks the roof. Mike and Marcus crouch down so the tail rotor doesn't hit them. The helicopter crashes into the central lobby but the AMMO members move away and the vehicle does not crush them but the helicopter explodes and starts a fire. Rita and Dorn carry the injured Kelly and Rafe out of the burning building. Despite the explosion and fire, Mike and Marcus enter the room where Isabel and Armando were. Isabel leaves the terrace through which she was going to escape in the helicopter and Mike orders her: "On your knees, Isabel and to the ground" but Armando, who is on the floor below, grabs Mike's leg and, as the ground is unstable, causes it to fall to the floor below.

Mike grabs Armando's gun to prevent him from shooting him and his son punches him, while Marcus fights with Isabel and although she stabs him several times and cuts him several times with a piece of broken glass, Marcus manages to defeat her by hitting her and crashing her into a wall. Armando tries to hit Mike but he dodges him, grabs his arm and gives him a header and tries to throw him to the ground but Armando holds Mike's arms and with his legs throws him to the ground. Armando pounces on Mike and holds him blocking his body with his legs and holding his arm to prevent him from shooting him. Mike tries to shoot him but hits a mirror that breaks and Armando makes him drop the gun. The fire rises and Armando grabs Mike's head and tries to make him burn with the fire and at the end he tries to hit him in the face but Mike dodges his punch and Armando burns his hand. Thanks to that, Mike frees himself from Armando and grabs his neck with his arms and tries to strangle him to death, but Mike sees the two of them in the mirror that he has shot before and sees that he can't do it. The detective lets go of his son's neck and gets up off the ground. Armando also gets up and prepares to continue the fight but Mike tries to explain the truth to him: "Armando ... you are my son. You are my son. I don't want to fight". Isabel wakes up and Armando, not believing Mike, kicks him and knocks him down. Mike gets up but Armando hits him until he bleeds and knocks him to the ground. Marcus shows up to help Mike but he shakes his head to him not to interfere. Armando orders Mike: "Don't get up" but he gets up and his son tells him: "I said don't get up". Mike refuses to fight and defend himself and continues to explain the truth: "I didn't know. If I had known ..." but Armando interrupts him by hitting him and sending him to the ground. Marcus, injured, tries to defend Mike but Armando grabs him and sends him to the ground. While on the floor together, Marcus asks his partner "Mike, what are you doing?" and Mike says to him "I try to penetrate his soul with my heart", Marcus tries to tell him that it will not work but Armando pulls Marcus away from Mike and grabs his father, drags him out of the room and orders him to tell him who he is, Mike says to him: "I already told you", but Armando refuses to believe it and calls him a liar. Armando lets go of Mike, kicks down a part of the fence and threatens to throw Mike into the hallway fire. He grabs his father and says, "Last chance. Who are you?" and Mike, pointing to Isabel, says, "Ask your mother".

Armando turns to his mother and demands the truth by asking "Is he my father ?!" and Isabel confirms to Armando that Mike is his father, but still orders him to kill him. Realizing that the task she spent her entire life training for was a lie, Armando refuses to kill her father and tries to protect him when Isabel tries to kill him herself, leading her to inadvertently shoot Armando in the chest while pointing at Mike. Enraged, she tries to finish off Mike, but Rita intervenes and shoots Isabel, sending her falling into the flames. Mike places Armando on the ground and calms him down, Marcus and Rita yell at Mike that they have to get out of there. An explosion causes Marcus to almost fall into the flames, Mike holds him but his hand slips and he cannot get up to Marcus. Rita yells: "Mike! I can't get to you!" Marcus slips away but Armando grabs his arm next to Mike. Father and son look at each other for a moment and Marcus reminds them that they have to save him, they raise him to the floor and Rita yells at them: "We have to get out of here!" Mike and Marcus carry Armando out of the burning palace by grabbing him by the arms, his father yells: "Gunshot wound to the chest. We need a doctor! ". Mike, Marcus and Rita press Armando's wound with paper. Mike tells his son: "Easy. I can't promise you that everything is going to be fine ... after all you've done, but ... if I can promise you that I'm going to be there, okay?", he nods and Marcus says to Armando: Hey. I'm your uncle Marcus. But we'll talk about that later" and the police treat Armando's wound.

with the other AMMO members commenting that it is impossible for Isabel to be alone, as Marcus moves around the back of the hotel. Mike walks in and meets Isabel, the two are inspected and Mike asks Isabel where Armando is, she sits him on a chair while telling him that she wanted him dead and survived and that it is his destiny to see each other again. Isabel removes Mike's necklace and Marcus and the AMMO lose communication and conclude that they know they are there. Mike scolds Isabel for not telling him he had a son, not telling Armando the truth about his father and for raising him to be a murderer, saying that he would have taken care of his son but Isabel responds that Armando is his son, that he had planned surprise him with the news of her pregnancy after they ran away together and Armando believed he was the man who ruined their lives. At that moment, Armando appears and Mike gets up with his two pistols but his son is holding Marcus hostage, other Isabel's men are also revealed on the upper floors of the Hidalgo Palace. Seeing the situation, Mike asks Isabel what he is going to do, Isabel answers "Hasta el fuego" and scared Marcus tries to convince Armando that he and Mike have to talk but Mike asks him to calm down and Armando orders him to be quiet. At that moment an explosion occurs and members of the AMMO enter to help, with Dorn controlling a drone with pistols to finish off the men. Isabel and Armando try to escape in a helicopter while their men manage to destroy the drone. A shootout quickly ensues between AMMO and Isabel's men. The couple regroups with the AMMO members, Mike and Rita instructing the AMMO members to take care of Isabel's men while Mike and Marcus climb to the top of the palace to prevent Isabel and Armando from escaping in the helicopter. support from Isabel. Upon reaching the top, Armando and the pilot try to shoot Mike and Marcus, but fail. Marcus shoots the helicopter pilot, despite Mike telling him to shoot the helicopter rotor, causing it to crash into the central lobby and start a fire. Despite the explosion and fire, Mike and Marcus find Isabel but Armando, who was on the floor below, grabs Mike's leg and the two get into a violent fist fight, while Marcus fights Isabel and although she She stabs him several times and cuts him several times with a piece of broken glass, Marcus manages to defeat her by hitting her and slamming her against a wall. The fire rises and Armando tries to burn Mike in the face, but when the first tries to punch him, Mike dodges and Armando burns his hand. Mike tries to strangle him but seeing the two of them in a mirror he is unable. He lets go of him and tries to explain to Armando that he is his son, he beats him but Mike refuses to fight and defend himself and continues to explain the truth to him. In the end, Armando grabs Mike and orders him to tell him who he is but Mike tells him to ask his mother. Armando demands the truth from his mother and Isabel confirms to Armando that Mike is his father but still orders him to kill him. Realizing that the task she spent her entire life training for was a lie, Armando refuses to kill her father and tries to protect him when Isabel tries to kill him herself, leading her to inadvertently shoot Armando in the chest while pointing at Mike. Enraged, she tries to finish off Mike, but Rita intervenes and shoots Isabel, sending her falling into the flames. Mike places Armando on the ground and calms him down, Marcus and Rita tell Mike that they should go. An explosion causes Marcus to almost fall into the flames but Mike holds him and Armando helps them just as Mike's hand slipped. Father and son bring Marcus up and the three and Rita escape the burning building, where Mike says they need a medic to treat Armando's wound. While pressing the wound, Mike tells Armando that he will have to pay for his crimes, but Mike promises that he will be there for him.

Sometime later, Rita has been promoted to police Captain and Mike brings a cake to celebrate her promotion at a party and asks to speak privately with Marcus. He thanks him for everything and tells him that if he wants to retire he will not stop him and support him but Marcus refuses and reminds him that they said they would be "Bad boys for life". At that moment Theresa appears with Marcusin and Mike gives them a voucher for three days at the spa, promising that he would take care of the baby while his parents are on their honeymoon. Mike and Marcus are revealed to be in charge of AMMO. In the end, Rita, the AMMO and Theresa leave and leave Mike and Marcus to take care of Marcusin. The couple sing "Bad Boys" to him so that he stops crying.

Mike visits a remorseful Armando in prison, offering him a chance to earn some redemption, which he accepts.


He is shown to be a "playboy" and a "ladies man" type of person as Marcus describes him as a "Rich kid playin' cop". But apart from that, he retains to be a dedicated and very competent police officer that is serious and skillful at most times . He occasionally gets to argue and sarcastically gets mad with his partner, Marcus Burnett. Like the time when Marcus dropped french fries in his car saying that he has a "lack of respect for the other people's property"


Bad Boys[]

Mike tends to wear stylish tailored suits or tight shirts with black jeans and his most notable "sunglasses".

Bad Boys II[]

He tends to wear more beach-like and model-like tailored suits. He now tends to wear muscle shirts. He also starts occasionally wearing beanies. His glasses during the battle in Cuba are Oakley M-Frame.

Bad Boys for Life[]

In Bad Boys For Life, Mike wears modernized Miami-style suits as well as leather jackets and stylish casual clothes

Cars owned[]

Notable kills[]