Noah Trafficante
Gender Male
Role Quaternary antagonist
Status Deceased
Played by Marc Macaulay
Movies Bad Boys

Noah Trafficante was a henchman, working for drug kingpin Fouchet and the quaternary antagonist of Bad Boys.

Early LifeEdit

Little is known about his early life. When Julie and Marcus search the criminal database, it is revealed that some of his former crimes include robbery, sexual battery, drug trafficking and trafficking of antics. At some point, Trafficante met French drug kingpin Fouchet and would become a member of his crew.

Events of Bad BoysEdit

Miami Heroin Operation Edit

Fouchet, Ferguson, Casper, Kuni, Noah and Eddie Dominguez lead an operation of robbing 100 million dollars, worth of stashed heroin from the Miami police headquarters. On the way, the whole crew witness Fouchet fatally shoot a member out of the truck as a distraction point for police since the member was a decoy. In the headquarters, Fouchet and his crew successfully seized the heroin.

Search for murder witnessEdit

Casper, Noah, Ferguson and Fouchet go to Eddie Dominguez' apartment to confront Eddie, whom they suspect has stolen two kilos of the stolen heroin. After the crew find the missing drugs, they meet with Maxine, who is hired as an escort by Eddie. Fouchet and his crew are skeptical about Dominguez bringing "outsiders". While politely comforting her, Fouchet ends up killing her. He then shoots Dominguez in the leg and chastises him for not waiting for their upcoming deal. Ferguson and Casper then finish off Eddie. The whole murder act, however is witnessed by Julie Mott, who barely manages escape from death after being shot at by Casper, Noah and Ferguson. Fouchet finds her wallet, containing her ID and orders his men to find her residence to kill her.

Fouchet's heroin operation is starting to be thwarted by detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, who are starting to protect Julie from Fouchet and his henchmen.


Sometime after Julie identifies Noah as one of Maxine's killers, Burnett, Lowrey and Julie (secretly) head to Club Hell which is one of Noah's hangouts. There, Marcus engages in a fight with Casper and Julie unsucessfully shoots Fouchet and the whole club is evacuated. Lowrey, Burnett and Julie then enter an ice-cream truck and try to escape, all while being followed by Noah and an unnamed henchman who shoots at the trio. Realizing there are some explosive ether barrels in the truck, Lowrey throws some barrels at Noah's car and shoots them. This causes the car to explode, killing Noah and the henchman in the process.


  • He was the third of Fouchet's crew to be killed.